Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers Christmas Giveaway

Some of the amazing authors in WaAr have come together to offer readers a HUGE giveaway.  
Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers is a group aimed at helping authors gain more HONEST reviews on Amazon (the name really does give it away), and is always looking for new members who would happily provide a review in exchange for an e-copy of their book.  
Reviews don't have to be essays, authors are happy with just a couple of sentences.  
There are no expectations, just offer to review the books that sound good to you - there are always loads to choose from a variety of genres.  Got questions?  Feel free to comment on this post, or send a message to the FB Page where the admins will be happy to help.  Sound good?  Come join our slightly deranged, crazy family (authors are of course always welcome, though please note it is appreciated that you help promote others).   

On a personal note - this is the BEST group I am part of in FB, everyone is always so friendly and helpful
.................and free books, whats not to love :)     

Up for grabs: 
Darkmotive’s Books and More - $5 Amazon GC
Brian Bigelow - Beyond Realms / An Ill Wind Cometh
Bonnie Bernard - Rest Inn Peace (5 ecopies) / Road Rash (5 ecopies) / One set - Midnight Hunter trilogy / Slice (5 ecopies) / Betty Badass (Volume One in the Badass Chronicles) (5 ecopies)
L.G. Castillo - LASH
JK Accinni - $5 Amazon GC / three book anthology
Kim Headlee - Dawnflight
C.R. Everett - Love, Carry My Bags
Sabrina Samples - Wicked Souls
Brandy L Rivers - New Beginnings
Genevieve Scholl - Love Claus
Catherine L Vickers - Bk 1 Guardian Dragons / Bk2 Flight of a Changeling / Book 3 Blood Bride
HJ Daly - Pulse
Violet Patterson - Ryder on the Storm
De Ann Townes Jr - A King Among Prince / Peer Inside My Soul and See Me
Jen Wylie - Broken Aro / Flashy Fiction bundle
Helen J. Christmas - Special Edition Same Face Different Place
RaeBeth McGee-Buda - 3 Ebooks
Katy O'Dowd - The Lady Astronomer
Sheryl Seal - Beyond Bridalveil Fall
A.O. Peart - Almost Matched
AJ Lape - Grade A Stupid / No Brainer
Gillian Joy - Guardian / Forever

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