Friday, 9 August 2013

New Release ~ Rest Inn Peace

Bonnie Bernard

Rest Inn Peace

~ Blurb ~ 

Welcome to Rest Inn Peace - where life begins at the end of the road and murder is sometimes funny.

Cobra Carpenter has trouble with substance abuse, staying out of jail, and seeing things that aren’t really there. A big city boy, he’s been released from prison (again) just in time to inherit his dead grandmother’s inn on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park. He has also just been granted full custody of his twelve year old kid, Zoe, whose only non-imaginary friend is a kleptomaniac hypochondriac who lives in fear of rabies and bacon.
Zoe inherited Cobra’s flair for seeing things that aren’t really there, and he is none too happy about it. To complicate matters, the inn’s manager, Regina Oxford, insists those imaginary things that aren’t really there…are really there; every dragon, fairy, zombie, talking animal, ghost, and even the creepy winking statue. This includes the imaginary creatures that live at Rest Inn Peace, and the ones who rent rooms by the night. Cobra hates the crazy inn and plans an escape. But where will he and Zoe go? The world outside is crumbling; people are hungry and desperate. Here in rural Broken Spur Valley, food is plentiful, water is fresh, and life is good. Well, it’s mostly good. There are, of course, those pesky murders in town…that started the day Cobra and Zoe moved in.

Pull off your shoes and traipse through a land of fairies, dragons, trolls, and an assortment of misfit humans. Rest Inn Peace is a charming bed and breakfast nestled in a magical grove, next to a cemetery packed with brain-starved zombies.

Oh, and a word to the wise; beware of cross-eyed flying lizards with an addiction to eggplant and cauliflower. 

~ Review ~

This book is definitely unique, and I’m not sure any other author could come up with a story like this.  Right up until the very last page, I was still being shocked with the twists and turns and literally the last sentence made me think “WHAT??? NO!!!!!!!!”  Now, obviously, I need more from this story because I want to see where it’s going, and more importantly, who is still going to be alive at the end of it all – the author is definitely not afraid to kill off characters!  I loved the book and storyline from the very start, and just knew it wasn’t going to let me go until I turned the last page.  It’s just hilarious, and you won’t have any other option but to laugh out loud, wherever you are.  There’s strong language throughout the book, but you couldn’t have this story without it.  If you’ve read anything else by this author, then you’ll love this, if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.           

What did I learn?  Zombies can be good and go to church, magic is real – you just need to believe (ok, I knew that one), dragons love collecting stuff and yeti’s are diplomats that build bridges between all species.

One of my favourite quotes (which shows exactly what you’re letting yourself in for):
“How can I keep an eye on something I can’t even see?”  “Exactly”.  Reggie threw her hands up like it all made perfect sense.  “This conversation is stupid.”  

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