Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Release & Review ~ Tall, Dark and Vampire

Sara Humphreys
Tall, Dark, and Vampire
Dead in the City #1

If you’ve read Undone (Amoveo Legend Series, Book 4) then you’ll know some of the characters in this book, if you haven’t then the characters may not mean as much to you (at least to begin with) but you’ll still enjoy the read.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this new series but I was completely drawn in within the first couple of chapters. I read a lot of vampire books, but this one definitely stuck out from the rest and was unique and different to the mass of vampire books available. Despite Olivia being a vampire, she tries to save people where she can and together they form a family of sorts who all help run her nightclub. Working hard, she doesn’t let people close romantically and has been celibate for 300 years after losing the love of her life. Doug, a policeman, is investigating a murder when he pops by the nightclub to question a barmaid but is left speechless when coming face to face with Olivia, who is literally the girl of his dreams.

I loved the chemistry and history between Olivia and Doug, who have always been connected. Together they become whole and will do anything to keep what they have, and their family, alive. The emotions clearly shine throughout the book, and the descriptive nature allows the reader to easily imagine the whole storyline. A well written story that provides characters you’ll care for and want to carry on reading about.

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