Saturday, 3 August 2013

Review ~ Protect Me

Jennifer Culbreth
Protect Me
Protected Love #1


Abbi Hastings had never been fearless. She'd been firmly entangled in her small town roots her entire life until an unexpected inheritance provided her a chance to escape. As she took the only opportunity she’d have to get out, Abbi left her world behind and boarded the plane with her one way ticket to Los Angeles.

Relentless and fighting for her own independence, it all goes to hell when fate throws a twist into her plans. Everything changes the day she accidentally falls into the arms of Ryan. Tall, dark eyed, and handsome CEO of LA’s hottest bodyguard service who is fighting some dark demons of his own.
Can Abbi take a leap of faith and dare to experience all that the world has to offer, accepting that fate has brought her here into the arms of the man who will protect her? Protect her mind, body, and soul.


As a debut novel, I was expecting a few errors, over descriptive paragraphs and the character development needing a little work – I got none of that, just a great book that was easy and enjoyable to read.  Abbi is a strong character, and is determined to never look back and make what she wants of her life.  I felt for Ryan straight away, having been through so much in his life he needed a little happiness but never felt like he was good enough for anything other than work.  Together, they are such a lovable couple, and complete each other.  It doesn’t hurt that the chemistry is also hot!      

I’ll admit, half way through I had forgotten about the nightclub, Abbi’s friends and the rest of the story.  I was so caught up in the growing relationship between Abbi and Ryan, that once they admitted their feelings, I was happy and could have ended it there (though that would have left loads of unanswered questions).  The plot was a little predictable at times for me, though this didn’t take anything away from the story, and I loved seeing how the author got from A to B.  I’ll definitely be watching how this series develops.    

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